Over 73,000 Sign Petition to bring Pokemon GO to Windows Phone

In-case you hadn’t heard, Pokemon GO is a pretty big deal. The free-to-play augmented reality mobile game is causing a frenzy around the world and is currently only available on iOS and Android but not Windows Phone which has infuriated the Windows Phone community.

A petition was started 10 months ago but since the games release support has rocketed with over 73,000 signatures at the time of writing, 75,000 signatures are all that is needed now before it can be sent to Pokemon GO developer Niantic.

The petition points out that Windows 10 has been installed on more than 81 million devices, That Windows is the 3rd most popular operating system and highlights Microsoft’s efforts in making development for apps across mobile, tablet, PC and wearables easier.

Windows Phone holds a small 1.6% market share in the US, 5.1% in UK and 2.6% users in Australia. While Microsoft’s market share has dropped gradually over the last year, Windows is still the 3rd most popular operating system. Windows Phone users have had it tough, the Windows operating system is missing quite a few popular apps, there isn’t even an official YouTube app, no Snap Chat and Angry Birds creator Rovio revealed recently that they will no longer support the Windows Mobile operating system.

What do you think, Should Niantic be developing Pokemon GO for Windows Phone? Are you a frustrated Windows Phone user? Let us know in the comments below.