Forza Horizon 3 in 4K… Whoa!!

Forza Horizon 3 in 4K is mind-blowing according to a recent article written by Alanah Pearce. After watching an IGN trailer for Forza Horizon 3 played in 4K; I couldn’t agree more with Alanah’s article from IGN. Seeing the Forza Horizon 3 dune buggy tear through the rugged Australian landscape whilst Rufus’s ‘Like an Animal’ sounds through the speakers in this trailer – I had a moment, and it brought a proverbial tear to my eye.

The graphics are beautiful in the way the dust rises from the tires to the realistic manner in how the water is seperated from the air flow on the windscreen is amazing. The people in charge of the graphics team need to know that they’ve done a wild job showing the realism and depth of the colours and the environments in which players race in.

All in all the graphics played in 4k look amazing in sharpness, depth and substance. Forza Horizon 3 looks like it’s a game that will not disappoint those that love the franchise. Particularly if you’re a fan of the Australian landscape or a Mad Max fan 😉

Let us know what your thoughts are? I’d love to hear your perspective of the game either in the comments below or in our forums.