Earth’s Dawn Crashes onto Consoles November 1st

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Developer oneoreight Studios has announced via the PlayStation Blog that their frenetically kinetic 2D sidescroller, Earth’s Dawn, will launch on PC and consoles on November 1st. Game Director, Kuroki Takeshi has also imparted some interesting details about the upcoming title which looks like some crazy alien slicing, sword slashing, big gun toting good fun. Here’s some of what Kuroki had to say:

The game takes place in the future when alien invaders known as the E.B.E. have destroyed much of Earth. So we needed the setting to be dark and threatening. This is reflected not only in the game’s atmosphere, but also the look of soldiers, the deadly looking weapons, and of course, the enemies. The gameplay in Earth’s Dawn is fast paced — a mix of shooting and melee attacks so players must learn how make use of gun, sword, and advanced attacks to string together combos. When you add dashing in between your attacks, then you’ll notice the game’s addictive nature.

A gameplay trailer was also unveiled which you can check out below:

While the announcement was made on PS Blog, Earth’s Dawn is also coming to Xbox One and PC. PlayStation owners do get a little special pressie though – a physical release on disc will be exclusive to the Sony platform. All versions of Earth’s Dawn will be available on November 1st.

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