Kojima’s next project Death Stranding has a new trailer (and it’s pretty damn weird)

Alright Kojima, we all accepted and love your weirdness, but this is a WHOLE other level. On footage taken from a PlayStation Pro, we get a Norman Reedus-less video of a Guillermo Del Toro-looking character holding a baby being held in a container and walking around an almost wasteland of squids, ink, and destruction (I don’t understand it either). We then find ourselves following a plastic baby moving along a stream of liquid that leads to a group of soldiers connected to their leader (played by Mads Mikkelsen) by some odd tubes. The trailer concludes with a big close-up of Mads to close out the trailer with an appreciation of those killer graphics.

The trailers have been HEAVILY symbolic so far with no clear story belong elaborated on or spoken about outside of the consistent presence of babies and dead squids. It’s unclear what gameplay will be like, but the excellent on-screen talent collected here should help bolster a Kojima-directed narrative.

What did you guys think? Has Kojima gone too weird or are we not quite there yet? Let us know in the comments below!