It looks like we have to wait just a bit longer for more information on the Nintendo Switch.

captureConfirmed previously to be the next day of information for the Switch, January 12th 8PM PT is now the much awaited day. This news was recently confirmed via Nintendo’s official Twitter account.

The tweet released early this morning December 13th instructs fans to look to the official Nintendo Switch section of the Nintendo website to watch all the new details live on the specific date.

Since its official reveal, Nintendo and the Switch has now been in the light a bit more with appearances on Jimmy Fallon, new trailers for Breath of the Wild, and the focus on the latest Nintendo mobile game Super Mario Run.

Few details have been revealed about the Switch since its trailer dropped, but retailers have been able to confirm a few theories with the console containing an SD card behind the kickstand and GameCube virtual console. For more on the GameCube virtual console check out our article here.

Nintendo made the wait for the reveal of the Nintendo Switch unbearably long, but it seems we might get our first in-depth look at the details of the console on January 12th. Gamers are hoping to finally get some answers about battery life, hardware power, virtual console capabilities, and more.

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