Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer #1 Released!

Our first look at  Spider-Man Homecoming is finally here, and there’s plenty to talk about. The trailer offers us a look at Peter Parker’s new wing(web)suit that helps him glide over a helicopter, Spider-Man taking down some Avengers-themed robbers using some kind of advanced tech that looks almost like the Tesseract, a single shot of Donald Glover’s mystery character, Vulture’s high-tech Falcon-like suit, and of course, Peter Parker in high school.

The trailer goes by relatively quickly and teases not only the tone of the film, but a good amount of the story elements as well (Peter struggling with girls, Peter’s friend discovering his secret identity, and Tony Stark giving Peter some pointers while still treating him like a child). The film seems ready to offer that classic Marvel fun that’s present in each MCU installment and Tom Holland will likely be looking to confirm himself as the definitive big-screen Spider-Man.

Michael Keaton is always an excellent addition to any film, so it’ll be interesting to see how the character of Vulture is utilized in the story. I hope that Marvel uses him properly because the original Spider-Man movies utilized their villains properly and offered greatly engaging characters, so hopefully Keaton’s Vulture doesn’t fall victim to the MCU villain curse.

Tom Holland, again, looks great in the role and looks to provide a well-balanced portrayal of our favorite wall-crawler. Hopefully the movie doesn’t let Tony Stark’s character overshadow Peter’s moral journey into becoming the truly responsible, mature hero that Spider-Man is. If utilized properly, Tony Stark can be a great addition to the movie. If he’s used too much, the focus will detract too much and make the movie feel a bit unfocused.

Overall, the movies looks to have plenty of promise, so here’s hoping that Marvel can bring Spider-Man in style.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you have any concerns about the film or are you certain Marvel won’t disappoint? Let us know in the comments below!