Steam Sales Writer’s Picks – December 9th

Steam Sale Writer's Picks

Happy weekend, my friends. A little late this week, but that’s because I’ve had a killer of a week. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say that my fingers hurt.

As a change of subject, here are my picks from this week’s sale items on Steam.

Rocket League

Firstly, the fantastically addictive Rocket League has 40% off the usual price. It’s a great tactical game, with several ways to enjoy it. The aim is to score more goals than the opposing team in a three-a-side soccer game that seemingly takes place in a spherical cage or sorts. That makes it sound like some sort of weird Mad Max-esque challenge, but it’s simply because you are playing as a car, and the action can get crazy. It adds something that soccer has never seen before – sick upside down plays.


The cars pull off a selection of tricks, and there are modes in which you can get boosters or pick up handicaps for the opposition. The vehicles are all customisable, and have a distinctive RC look to them. The arena is brightly lit with bold neon colours, and the noises are better than being at any soccer (football where I’m from) game I’ve ever been to. It takes the passion and pace of something like basketball, and gives it the simplicity of football. Soccer. Whatever. Get the ball in the goal. Lovely.


Online multiplayer is the heart of the game, and my advice would be to not sit too close to your mic when playing, or have your headphones too high. Screams of joy and despair will ensue.

Total War: Warhammer

I first saw this title at the 2015 Rezzed gaming festival. Just the layout of the battleground and the camera was enough to ignite my love for Total War; and then seeing the character models looking as good as they did, with so much going on at one time on screen, reminded me of lazy lunchtimes enjoying Warhammer with the fellow nerds in my year at school. I knew I needed this game. This week Total War: Warhammer has 25% off.


It feels almost like glorious fan-service, and that every Total War game has been building to this. It’s on par with Battle for Middle Earth II as pure stereotype nerd dreams come true. Say what you want about any of it, I wanna buy this game again. The graphics are fantastic, the responses are brilliant, the sound design is perfect, and the animations are a joy to explore. If you like RTS games, you need this one.



GUN™ is an open world western shooter, much similar to Red Dead Redemption, but with even more realism, GUN™ has an awesome 75% off this week.


The story is a brutal tale of betrayal and vengeance, and takes inspiration from the true grit style western movies of the 60s and 70s. You won’t find the Lone Ranger here, this is down in the dirt story and gameplay. GUN™ discusses the very real and awful truths of people during the tough times in states such as Arizona, Colorado and Kansas, and of the troubled relationships held between different groups of people, and between rival towns.


Graphics-wise, the game holds up really well, and I remember being impressed when I first saw it on the original Xbox. The port to Steam is done really well, and it’s a great story-driven open world shooter, with plenty of side missions, interesting characters and unique gameplay mechanics to keep you hooked.

Earth’s Dawn

I reviewed this title a little while back, and thought I would put it in my picks for this week. Earth’s Dawn is a great, unique side-scrolling hack ‘n’ slash, and you can pick it up for a 20% discount. It’s made by an independent Japanese studio, and takes inspiration from some of the countries best known entertainment cultures. The art design has a distinct Manga influence, and the gameplay can get seriously frenetic.


Earth has been taken over by aliens, and it’s up to you and your team to infiltrate key strongholds and try to take at least some of it back, specifically in the USA. The storyline and loadout you get is very reminiscent of Gears of War, if Gears had been made by an indie company who loved Odin’s Sphere. It’s a really interesting idea, and the art style is very cool.


Special Mention: POSTAL 2

POSTAL 2 has got a massive 90% off. It looks like trash, it plays like trash, but if you want to cause harm to people in horrifically gratuitous ways, then grab it now. To be honest, if that’s your bag, you probably already have this one.


And that’s it for this week, everyone. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and play some of these titles if you haven’t already. There really is something for everyone here. You’re welcome.