Titanfall 2 Free DLC Plans Include Maps, Modes and More

Titanfall 2 Free DLC

Titanfall 2 released on October 28, 2016 to acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Respawn Entertainment previously announced that all Titanfall 2 Free DLC that included new maps, modes, guns and the like would in fact, be free. Now, in a couple of blog posts, they have revealed some of the upcoming DLC updates. Titled Live Fire, the first update is detailed here. The update adds a new game mode called, appropriately enough, Live Fire. Live Fire is a 6v6 Pilot only mode where rounds last one minute. In addition, a new map is being added called Columns, plus new announcer intros and a Pilot execution.

That’s not all however. After Live Fire, the next content update is called Colony. Fittingly, it brings back the map of the same name from the original Titanfall. It will also include a new gun, bug fixes, a Pilot execution and more. The Live Fire DLC is scheduled to release sometime in February, while Colony will arrive later in March.

It’s great to see a developer continuing to support their game with free new content. Hopefully we’ll learn more about future DLC plans in the coming weeks.