Watch Dogs 2 is Getting a Free Trial

Free Trial
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Watch Dogs 2 released on November 15 of last year, with general approval across the board. Given just how many games bombarded players wallets over the holidays, you may have not given Watch Dogs 2 a shot yet. If that’s the case, you’re in luck, as Ubisoft announced today that Watch Dogs 2 will be receiving a free trial option for console gamers very soon.

The free trial begins today for PlayStation 4 players and will be coming to the Xbox One on January 24. The playtime is quite generous, giving players three hours to explore the main story and numerous side activities the game has to offer. You will also have full access to the online co-op and PVP. In addition, if you choose to buy the game at a later date, all of your progress from the trial will carry over.

So if you haven’t started hacking in San Francisco yet, now is your chance!
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