Nindies Showcase Details some Titles Coming to Switch in 2017

Nindies showcase

Nintendo have been promising that they will reveal more information about some of the indie titles that will be gracing the Switch soon. Now we know what indie games are coming to the eShop on the Switch in 2017. Nintendo have revealed via their new ‘Nindie Showcase’ video that some 60 titles will be available by the end of the year.

Nintendo have announced, via their UK site, that they have partnered with many developers to bring a range of different titles to the Switch. They have detailed that they will be taking advantage of the Switch’s unique gameplay features and functionalities. This includes the use of the various ‘modes’ the Switch can be in (tabletop mode, TV mode and handheld mode). They will also utilize the local multiplayer, flexible control options and the highly touted HD rumble feature.

You can watch the Nindie Showcase video below:

Along with Nintendo Switch exclusives and timed exclusives, some of the titles coming to the Switch are:

  • Runner3 
  •  Runner3 continues the joyous adventures of CommanderVideo from BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Runner2. Players will encounter quests, branching paths, item shops, new Retro Challenges, new character moves, new dance moves and a roster of characters that somehow manages to rival the strangeness of Runner2. The game is due to launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch this autumn.
  • SteamWorld Dig 2:
  • In the sequel to the award-winning original you must dig deep, gain riches and explore an underworld riddled with danger. The game is due to launch this summer.
  • Yooka-Laylee:
  • Explore huge, beautiful worlds, meet an unforgettable cast of characters and horde a vault-load of shiny collectibles as buddy-duo Yooka (the green one) and Laylee (the wise cracking bat with the big nose). The buddy-duo platformer is coming to Nintendo Switch soon, with multiplayer functionality perfect for the system.
  • Blaster Master Zero:
  • The same elements that made the original Blaster Master a hit are back, including side-scrolling vehicular combat, top-down adventuring and a huge sci-fi landscape, in addition to a host of new and improved gameplay systems. The game includes a two-player mode and will have numerous character cameos coming soon. Blaster Master Zero launches exclusively on both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS on 9th March.
  • Pocket Rumble:
  • This deep 2D fighter makes players want to throw down, anywhere, anytime. The battles get even more intense with the inclusion of HD rumble – when players get hit by a weak attack, it’ll feel very different from getting rocked by a strong one. The game is scheduled to launch as a console exclusive for Nintendo Switch in March.
  • Flipping Death:
  • Welcome to Flatwood Peaks, a small whimsical town with a problem – Death is on vacation. Play as Penny and help the ghosts with their peculiar problems on The Otherside. This puzzling adventure game is scheduled to come to Nintendo Switch later this year.
  • Mr. Shifty:
  • Shift through bullets, and master lightning-fast takedowns in a new kind of action game. Mr. Shifty follows a teleportation-fuelled heist to break into the world’s most secure facility. Shift through walls, through bullets, cover huge distances and be everywhere at once. One shot kills. Survive on skills. HD rumble allows players to feel every punch, shot and crash. The game is due to launch first on Nintendo Switch this April.
  • WarGroove:
  • This turn-based strategy game offers local and online* matches for one to four players. The game is due to launch later this year.
  • Stardew Valley:
  • Nintendo Switch will be the first console to support the game’s new multiplayer feature. The open-ended, country-life RPG is scheduled to launch this summer.
  • Shakedown: Hawaii from vBlank:
  • This 16-bit spiritual successor to Retro City Rampage aims to be twice as good with twice the bits. From the boardroom to the streets, Shakedown: Hawaii parodies big business and the white-collar crimes that go alongside. Build your empire, monopolise the markets and collaterally re-zone the island’s destructible sandbox. It’s due to launch first on Nintendo Switch this April.
  • Graceful Explosion Machine:
  • Skilfully pilot the advanced Graceful Explosion Machine (GEM) fighter while blasting swarms of crystalline enemies with your ludicrously overpowered quad-weapon array. This side-scrolling arcade shooter features HD rumble support, which means players will really be able to feel those machines explode. The game is due to launch this April.
  • Tumbleseed:
  • A small seed heads up a mountain to save his home in this physics-based puzzle game. More than 30 unique upgrades help the seed overcome challenges and enemies. HD rumble means players will feel seeds traversing across the screen. The game is due to launch on Nintendo Switch this spring.
  • Overcooked: Special Edition:
  • In Overcooked, players must journey through a variety of cruel and unusual kitchens on their quest to become master chefs capable of conquering an ancient edible evil which plagues the land. Play solo or engage in classic, chaotic couch co-op for up to four players in both co-operative and competitive challenge modes. The special edition features the original game, plus all of the downloadable content. HD rumble integration means players can feel every chop through a tomato and the slosh of soup in a pot. Overcooked: Special Edition is coming later this year.
  • The Escapists 2:
  • The sequel to the hugely popular prison escape series supports drop-in/drop-out co-op for up to four players. Players can tie together knotted sheets and use them to climb down high windows in new multi-level prisons and find other new ways to make a break for freedom. The Escapists 2 is coming later this year.
  • GoNNER:
  • GoNNER is a procedural platformer with roguelike elements that focuses on the high score. GoNNER is also a story about friendship between Ikk, Death and a space whale named Sally. The console version of the game launches first on Nintendo Switch later this year, with additional content tailor-made for the console.
  • Kingdom: Two Crowns:
  • In Kingdom: Two Crowns, attend to your domain, border to border, or venture into the wild to discover its wonders and threats. First revealed today, two players can come together in co-op mode to rule a kingdom. Their choices bring hope or despair to their subjects. The game is due to launch later this year.
  • Dandara:
  • Dandara has awoken to reshape the world. In this strange world of quirky characters, nothing is as it seems. In this bizarre, gravity-bending world with hidden beauty, it’s up to Dandara, jumping from surface to surface, to restore order and direct a directionless world. The game is dueto launch on Nintendo Switch this summer with exclusive features and functionality, including HD rumble support.

You will be able to download these titles from the eShop directly from the Switch when they release, though you’ll need a Wi-Fi signal. The eShop will be available via a day one update.

Out of the titles announced today, Flipping Death, has me most intrigued. It looks like a really cool and fun title with a great art style. Do any of these take your fancy? Let us know in the comments below, on the RGM Forums or on Twitter. Feel free to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Reddit using the buttons available!