Is Emma Stone in Kojima’s Death Stranding? Leaked photo says yes

From the world of rumors and speculation comes exciting potential casting news. A supposed leaked E3 photo suggests that Emma Stone has joined Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. Posted on Reddit and 4Chan a couple days ago, this photo made an appearance.

Although far-fetched at first, there’s more to support this theory. Kojima tweeted out this picture of La-La Land vinyls alongside DS merchandise a couple days ago, adding to the mystery:

With a game already brimming with star-power, the Academy-Award-winning actress would only bolster the star-studded cast. However, these stories don’t typically pan out as expected, so it’s best to proceed with cautious optimism. And yet, considering Emma Stone has done video voice acting before (Sleeping Dogs), perhaps it isn’t so far-fetched? It would surely sell some extra copies on name recognition alone. Regardless, with Hideo Kojima in charge, Death Stranding will be an exciting project to keep up with.

Death Stranding has no release date yet, but it will release on PS4 and stars Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

Do you think the La-La Land star will return to video games? what do you expect to see from Kojima next? What other major star could show up in the crazy world of Death Stranding? Write your thoughts down below, then check out other daily news on RGM!