Arms Release Date Revealed during Nintendo Direct Stream with New Details

New game mode, a new character and whole load of upgrades!

Arms Release date

Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct stream was a great one. Not only were there loads of new trailers and details, but we also got some new release dates too. In case you didn’t hear, Splatoon 2 has a release date but so does Arms. If you thought Splatoon 2‘s release date wasn’t too far away, even better news, Arms’ release date is even sooner!

So you may have already seen in the image, but Arms will launch for Nintendo Switch June 16th!

You can check out all the new details on Arms from the Nintendo Direct stream right here:

If you’re life is too busy, we have a handy summary of some of the key points from the video below. I would recommend watching it at some point, however, it has a lot of character and is generally good fun.

  • Biff – firstly, we meet Biff, the commentator for Arms who has a hand atop his head.
  • Power fists – it seems that the arms you use can be upgraded with various different elements and abilities (such as: fire, ice, wind, explosions etc.).
  • 2 on 2 Battles – a frenetic looking game mode of 2v2 is shown in the video. It seems fairly frantic and looks like a lot of fun.
  • Different Arms are equippable – this sounds pretty ace. You can add a whole lot of depth to your Arms game as a variety of different arms can be used. There isn’t just a default setting. Play with different combos and see which ones work for you!
  • Unlockable weapons – there’s loads of unlockable weapons in Arms it seems. By completing trials in a shooting range style environment you can unlock a whole host of upgrades for your arms.
  • New character – we shown a brand new character, MinMin. She has dragon fist on her left arm which can fire an energy beam at her enemies.
  • Full battle shown – interestingly, we also get to see a full battle played out; Spring Man versus MinMin. It was enjoyable to watch the dynamics of the battle and see how it plays out.

So there you have it. We have more details and a release date for Arms. With that and a release date for Splatoon 2 now known, it won’t be long before we have some more exciting exclusives for our new Switchs.

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