Studio Gobo has announced a partnership with Microsoft

Studio Gobo has announced a partnership with Microsoft
Very few details about this new partnership are known

A very interesting deal appears to have taken place. Recently, we found out that Studio Gobo has announced a partnership with Microsoft. Studio Gobo are the developers of the Disney Infinity franchise; they were one of the major pushes behind the Toys-to-Life genre  expanding this console generation.

Now, since the discontinuation of Disney Infinity, they might be changing the genre they work on.

This certainly begs the question, what are they working on with Microsoft? Obviously we won’t know until it’s announced, however there are some clues we can glean. Some job listings are open in their careers section. One such open position is for a gameplay designer, to work on a “3rd person AAA character action console game.” Another job listing is for a senior graphics programmer to help with “developing a game which is much-loved and world-renowned.”

Does this mean Microsoft has contracted them for an exclusive AAA game? Maybe. There’s definitely something going on. On the other hand, it might be something in the Toys-to-Life genre. After all, Halo Mega Bloks are popular children’s toys. One way or another, Studio Gobo has announced a partnership with Microsoft, so hopefully we’ll find out just what it is at E3 2017.