PS4 System Software Update 5.0 details leaked

PS4 System Software Update 5.0
This information was leaked via Eurogamer

The next big system update for the PlayStation 4, update 5.0, has had its details leaked. The leak came via Eurogamer, who received a copy of the update’s release notes. This new update adds several new features and performance boosts to the console, some of which appear to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Here are all details on the PS4 System Software Update 5.0:

First up, streaming. PlayStation 4 Pro owners can look forward to broadcasting on Twitch in 1080p at 60 frame-per-second. This is a nice boost over what’s currently available and I imagine it will be greatly appreciated by PlayStation-centric streamers.

Next, you’ll be able to follow anybody’s account. Currently, following is limited to notable, verified accounts however, this update will change the system to be more similar to the one in place on the Xbox One. Followers will not count towards your friend limit and do not have to have their requests verified.

The family system is also being overhauled. Now, families can have multiple adult accounts, with parent/guardian roles being assigned and parental controls determined on a per-account basis.

The last feature the 5.0 update brings concerns notifications. With 5.0, notifications will be checkable from the Quick Menu, rather than having to head to the Home screen.

Currently, there is no set timeframe for this update. Hopefully Sony will announced the official release date fairly soon.