Pre-download Destiny 2 for PC available now

Pre-download Destiny 2

With less than a week left to go until release day, the only thing PC gamers need to worry about in preparing for Destiny 2 is getting it installed.

For those of you with exceptionally slow internet (it can take me 3 days to install 50GB), you would be getting a bit anxious in the lead up to the October 24th release date. Lucky though, you can actually start your pre-download now.

Available via Blizzard’s client, simply launch the client and the 36GB install can begin. The disk space required for the entire install is more like over 65GB though as the file is rather compressed. You are now ready to go on release day.

Tips for first time Guardians:

  • Make sure you have hit level 20 before completing the campaign. This will provide you with higher level drops which make bumping up your light a lot easier.
  • I also recommend spending as much time as you can farming public events as this will also provide you with a lot of XP, along with a ton of drops and glimmer.
  • Don’t hand in the tokens you earn for the vendors until after you have hit level 20. You will be at a much higher light by then which will mean the rewards you will get for those tokens will be more worthwhile.
  • Jump into Crucible as soon as you can. You can be the worst player on your team and still walk away with an exotic drop.
  • Your glimmer caps at 99,999 so as soon as you hit 280 light be conscious of that and start stock piling mods which you can purchase from the gunsmith.
  • If you are having trouble finding a team to run with check out the guided games for the Nightfall and Raid. This is a great way to get teamed up with other experienced Guardians.
  • LFG is your friend. If you have no luck with the guided games or are looking for a Trials team LFG works an absolute treat.

Welcome Guardians, may the light be with you.