New Nintendo eShop Deals Revealed

Check out the newest savings for Nintendo's devices.

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Nintendo have revealed to GamesPress the new deals coming to 3DS and Wii U in the eShop. Most of the U.S. deals are available now, but some finish on October 13th, so get in quick if you want to take advantage of the deal.

Most of the deals in Europe and the U.K. begin on October 13th and end on various dates. Check the specific tables below to find out how long you’ve got.

This week’s RGM recommendation is Never Alone, with a saving of 80%, it really is a bargain for a beautifully animated and intriguing puzzle game. You can download it, and any of the other games by clicking the links below and downloading them through your Nintendo ID, which will make them available on your relevant console. Alternatively you can download directly through your eShop on your 3DS or Wii U.

For the rest of this week’s sales please see below:

Nintendo 3DS Deals

Aqua Moto Racing 3D3DS Game25%U.S.$5.99Ends October 13th
Funfair Party Games3DS Game25%U.S.$5.99Ends October 21st
Me and My Furry Patients 3D3DS Game50%U.S.$14.99Ends October 20th
My Life on a Farm 3D3DS Game60%U.S.$7.99Ends October 20th
Castle Conqueror Defender3DS Game20%U.S.$3.99Ends October 27th
Glory of Generals: The Pacific3DS Game58%U.S.$3.99Ends October 27th
Word Search3DS Game25%U.S.$5.99Ends October 13th
Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€3.99/£3.59Ends October 27th
Gunslugs3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€0.99/£0.89Ends October 20th
Gunslugs 23DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€2.49/£2.19Ends October 20th
Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai3DS Game25%Europe/U.K.€6.70/£5.70Ends November 3rd
Chain Blaster3DS Game10%Europe/U.K.€4.49/£3.77Ends October 27th
Jump Trials Supreme3DS Game10%Europe/U.K.€4.49/£3.77Ends October 27th
Hazumi3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€1.30/£0.99Ends October 27th
10-in-1: Arcade Collection3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€0.99/£0.89Ends October 27th
Crazy Kangaroo3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€0.99/£0.89Ends October 27th
League of Heroes3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€1.99/£1.79Ends October 27th
Monster Shooter3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€1.99/£1.60Ends October 27th
Pick-A-Gem3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€1.49/£1.29Ends October 27th
PIX3D3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€1.99/£1.79Ends October 27th
Rage of the Gladiator3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€3.49/£3.09Ends October 27th
SpeedX 3D3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€1.49/£1.29Ends October 27th
SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition3DS Game50%Europe/U.K.€0.99/£0.89Ends October 27th
Snow Moto Racing 3D3DS Game25%Europe/U.K.€5.99/£5.39Ends October 20th
Splat the Difference3DS Game25%Europe/U.K.€3.75/£3.30Ends October 27th
Witch & Hero 23DS Game25%Europe/U.K.€2.99/£2.39Ends November 3rd


Nintendo Wii U Deals

Word SearchWii U Game25%U.S.$5.99Ends October 13th
Hot Rod RacerWii U Game40%U.S.$1.49Ends November 1st
Infinity RunnerWii U Game40%U.S.$3.99Ends November 3rd
The LetterWii U Game75%U.S.$0.49Ends November 1st
Chompy Chomp Chomp PartyWii U Game50%U.S.$5.99Ends November 3rd
Joe’s DinerWii U Game25%U.S.$5.99Ends October 21st
Christmas Adventure of Rocket PenguinWii U Game20%U.S.$1.59Ends October 20th
B3 Game Expo for BeesWii U Game20%U.S.$3.99Ends October 19th
Steel RivalsWii U Game30%Europe/U.K.€4.99/£4.49Ends November 13th
Chompy Chomp Chomp PartyWii U Game50%Europe/U.K.€5.49/£4.49Ends November 10th
Never AloneWii U Game80%Europe/U.K.€2.99/£2.59Ends October 27th


Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. These deals could be pulled at any time without notice.

Do any of these deals take your fancy? What will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below or on the RGM Forums.

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