An exclusive reward for Xbox Live Gold members to be announced at E3 2015 – Gears of War 4 beta?

Apparently we Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to something exciting and exclusive to us at E3 2015.XBL exclusive

A NeoGAF user has reportedly received and email from Microsoft advising that they will be rewarding something ‘Exclusive’ for Xbox Live Gold Members at E3 2015.

Once translated the section at the bottom reads:

Our Xbox Live Gold Members can expect an exclusive deal at XboxE3

There are no clues of indicators as to what this exclusive deal might be however my guess is that by buying/pre-ordering the remastered version of Gears of War for the Xbox One you will receive a beta code for Gears of War 4.

Now as I said that is just my guess but it fits in with the announcement that we will be getting of a remastered versions of Gears of War tomorrow at the Microsoft press conference and we know Gears of War 4 is just around the corner in 2016 so that makes sense.