GTA V weekend of carnage – ILL-Gotten Gains DLC

GTA V gamers will be excited with the news that Rockstar has announced along with its release of ILL-Gotten Gains DLC, a massive weekend event that will include a major variety of in-game bonuses.

This will kick off on Friday June 12th and wrap up on Sunday the 14th. Included in the ILL-Gotten Gains weekend of GTA mayhem there will be a Social Club Sweepstake, live stream and much more.

The Sweepstakes event can be entered via the Social Club Events Page where you’re sure to find more details about this epic GTA weekend.

Along with the ILL Gotten Gains DLC players will be able to enjoy a mix of luxury cars, some dominating weapons and a collection of expensive items so we can enjoy racing, shooting and collecting these new items. Included in this is also the chance to come across a golden helicopter, planes and other cool toys.

Rockstar Games have put together a list of things to expect from this weekend of all out fun. It’s certainly got me fired up to hook in, load up, burn rubber and create some carnage in the land of GTA.

Here are the details of some of the cool items/rewards on offer:

  • Double RP races on land, sea, and air, with six new vehicles
  • Social Club Sweepstakes
  • Double adversary modes event playlist
  • GTA 1$Million Snapmatic contest
  • 25% discount on high-end apartments and garages
  • High-frequency crate drops with GTA%10k and exclusive t-shirts will only be available this weekend
  • Event weekend live stream

Here are a few sneak peaks from Rockstar:


grta 6

gtsa 7