Devil’s Third gets PC online mode & Wii U release announcement

Valhalla Game Studios has announced in a press release that Devil’s Third will be releasing later this year for both PC and Wii U.

With the rights for the IP returning to Valhalla after the closure of THQ in 2013, they have joined forces with Nintendo to publish the game as a Wii U exclusive but have not forgotten to include an experience for those on PC.

Devil’s Third will release for Wii U in North America sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015 and is still scheduled to launch August 4 in Japan and August 28 in Europe.

The PC version tentatively titled Devil’s Third Online will be available for free worldwide in September 2015, following the release of the Wii U version.

This PC online mode of Tomonobu Itagaki’s new game will not include the single-player story and it will not be available as a stand-alone on consoles or Wii U either.

This is a next generation action shooter produced by fusing the development technologies of Valhalla and Nintendo together and collaborating with creators in Hollywood. The game’s single player mode offers a unique blend of action gameplay and will immerse players in an engrossing storyline set against a background of intrigue and global military conflict. In parallel, its multiplayer mode offers an exciting and deeply tactical gameplay experience where tens of thousands of players can create their own clans and fight over territories across North America.

Please see the full press release linked above for further details about this announcement, and let us know, will you be going the full release on Wii U or will you be happy settling for the online only aspect on PC?

This kind of set up for ‘online only’ is not something new for PC gamers, its quiet a common practice and many games on Steam can be downloaded with just an online component. So I will be interested to see how many people opt for that over the full version including the single player mode on Wii U.