Why was Project Ara Delayed? #FailedTheDropTest

Google shook the web when they broke the news of taking on the huge feat of creating and producing the first, fully functional modular phone. More recently, they are creating a storm on the web by announcing the delay of Project Ara because… It fell apart when it was dropped.


Project Ara Twitter


It is happening, the dreamiest (Is dreamiest really a word?) of dreamy phones actually falls apart when it is dropped.  This obviously poses a few issues. The goal of Project Ara is to create a more versatile device that can manage to survive falls that are at least relative to those that exist with today’s everyday mobile phone.

The later announcement is that they are testing a “signature experience” to attach and detach modules from the Project Ara phone. We have no idea what is going to come of this but at the rate that we see Google come back we have a lot of faith in the future of Project Ara.

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