Forget to enlist for the Need for Speed Beta? Sign up now

Need for Speed fans can buckle up and prepare themselves for the g-forces about to hit them in Need for Speed, as the Beta sign up now live.

This long lasting series of epic sports car driving and multiplayer madness is set at incredible speeds with vehicle body crumpling mayhem all in the aim to hit that checker flag first. This game is set to excite and raise the heart rates of any racing game fan.

So head over to the Need for Speed website and sign up showing your interest to help them develop this game into yet another must have for any racing fanatic’s collection.

Not sold yet on the idea of being a Demolition Derby Hero? Then take a look at the clip below and hear the engines roar and let the incredibly insane cars take you into the driver’s seat of what’s bound to be a boot load of nitros fun.

See you on the black top my rev headed friends.