Game update for Black Ops 3: FFA Spawns, Stat loss & more

Update version number 33.25.23* has been rolled out to Black Ops 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Official hotifx notes have not yet been provided but an initial break down of the main items are listed below.

David Vonderhaar has advised this morning via Twitter that this will be the “last or certainly the last significant hotfix before the first “real” patch and then the process starts over again.”

So if you are experiencing issues that are not listed below don’t be too concerned that they are not a part of this hotfix as a full patch will soon be on the way. We will keep you updated regarding when you can expect this to land on your platform.

This new update brings:

  • Updates to the spawn in Free For All for matches with more then 8 players
  • Fixed Stat Loss issues when you join game of FFA or Gun Game in progress
  • Runtime Error Fixes
  • And more