What You'll Get to Play During Homefront: The Revolution's Closed Beta

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February seems to the be month of “Closed Betas.”

Upcoming shooter Homefront: The Revolution has a Closed Beta come up February 11th through the 14th on Xbox One. You can still grab a code here, but what will you be playing, should you receive one?



If you’re unable to view the video, according to the game’s website, Closed Beta players will be able to play the game’s “Resistance Mode” – the highly-touted cooperative experience. In Resistance Mode, players can team up with three other players online to battle the KPA in Missions. Missions are story-driven scenarios that take your Resistance Cell through different combat situations. This missions range from ambushing a KPA convoy to racing across war-torn Philadelphia to secure a hot location. The tasks won’t be easy, though – Publisher Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios warn you probably will not complete them on your first attempt, especially if you run into the KPA head-on.

This makes sense. In Homefront: The Revolution, players are fresh recruits for the Resistance – civilians who have had enough. The KPA is a large, well-equipped fighting force. You need to employ guerrilla tactics if you want to survive.


homefront, revolution, game, beta, key, info, details
The game features a robust weapons system.


Even if you fail in your Mission, you progress towards unlocking new skills and weapon blueprints. You might get really lucky and find rare equipment and combat gear. That’s right, Homefront: The Revolution has loot. With each new skill and tool you unlock, you unlock new ways to play. Build up your arsenal and go from Resistance rookie to battle-hardened Guerrilla fighter. It’s dangerous to go alone, though. To take on Missions on the hardest of difficulties, the developers say you will need expert team work and the right weapons, gear, and skills to fulfill the role best suited to you and your team’s play-style.

According to the game’s official website, Resistance Mode will have around 12 diverse Missions when Homefront: The Revolution releases on May 20, 2016. That seems like a pretty decent amount, but there’s more – Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios say they have plans for 20 more missions and they will all be free so you and your friends can stick together.

Get your hands on Homefront: The Revolution‘s Closed Beta on Xbox One from February 11 to February 14. Simply register an account on the website for a chance to be invited to participate. You might also get really lucky – a select few players may be invited to play Resistance Mode before the Closed Beta officially starts to take part in limited stress tests. If you have registered an account, keep an eye out for an email with more details during the first wave of invitations.

Check out the video below to get a feel for Resistance Mode in Homefront: The Revolution.