HOW TO: Hitman Achievement/Trophy Guides from Maka91Productions

Are you having a little trouble completing some of the achievements/trophies in Hitman?

Make91Productions has put together a series of guides to help you get them unlocked  and complete the game.

These guides include:

  • Unexpected Guest Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)
  • Silent Assassin & Security Defeated Achievement/Trophy Guide
  • Defection Deterred Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)
  • K-36D Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)
  • Meeting the Reaper Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)
  • The Showstopper Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)
  • Silent Assassin, Suit Only – Paris Showstopper Guide


Unexpected Guest Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)


This takes place on the Freeform training mission, available on the simulated boat. From the start, pick up the 3 coins in front of you, and use them to lure Mr. Norfolk (white cowboy suit) into the back alley. Subdue him and steal his disguise, feel free to leave the body. Go to Deck 02, find the target; Kalvin Ritter, and talk to him. He will take you to his office where you can equip the Fiber Wire, and garrote him. After killing him, feel free to drag the body to to his washroom and dump it before finishing the level.


Silent Assassin & Security Defeated Achievement/Trophy Guide


Available on The Final Test (Tutorial) Mission. From the start go to the left side and avoid enemy sight. Work your way to the corner of the hangar nearest the plane to find a pipe to scale. At the top, shimmy on the ledge to the window and wait for the target and guard to leave the room. Once they leave, follow them and to the door and drop your gun at the entrance to the room. Now, go to the washroom and wait for them to return. The guard will notice your gun, pick it up and return it to the hangar. With only the target in the room, garrote him, drag him to the washroom and dump the body. Exit the level the same way you began to trigger end of the level and unlock this.

Defection Deterred Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)


Available in The Final Test (Tutorial) Mission. From the start, go to the right, jump over two fences and turn off the generator. Subdue the inspecting guard, take the disguise and dump the body. Go inside the base to find the projector slides on the table inside the reception area. Take them upstairs, and go put them on the projector, and then wait outside on the balcony. The KGB Colonel will eventually get the target and bring them to the projector. While they are talking, sneak to the power console on wall nearby and turn it off, then go and hide behind the crate. They will talk, Jasper will begin repairing the projector and the KGB Colonel will turn the power on, electrocuting him and unlocking this.

K-36D Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)


Available in The Final Test (Tutorial) Mission. From the beginning, you’ll want to go to the right hand side, hop the fence, and go into the window behind the enemy without alerting him. Once inside follow the right hand side door, and pick up the wrench. Continue to the next room to find the Mechanic disguise. Now interact with the plane in the hangar to sabotage it; watch out for the other mechanic who may be suspicious of you. Upon completing that, go upstairs to find the target; Jasper Knight, and talk to him. He will follow you to the plane where you pick up the clipboard nearby and take him through safety protocol. Keep telling him what to do until he ejects and then escape the area.


Meeting the Reaper Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)


This takes place in Paris during “The Showstopper”. You must find the IAGO invitation inside the washroom; it belongs to Tobias Reaper. Once you have the invitation, proceed through the security checkpoint to the meeting, and show you badge at the entrance and the first floor security. At the second floor security, you will get frisked, so don’t have a gun on you. Once on the third floor, find the meeting room and sit down in the chair. Wait for about 2 minutes and this will unlock.


The Showstopper Achievement/Trophy Guide (Secret)


This is located in the Paris mission “The Showstopper”. There are multiple steps necessary in order to trigger everything, but you should keep in mind that Viktor Novikov will only walk the stage if the fashion designer Sato cannot be found. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to sneak to the left from the start of the mission, jump over the far gate, use the generator to lure a crew member, and take them out for their disguise. From there go to the fashion preparation room and run the diorama using a coin when Sato is standing nearby. This will stress him out, and he will go for a cigarette. At this point, follow him, take him out and hide his body. Now go to the second floor and you should find a waiter alone in a room. Take him out for his disguise and make sure you don’t have a weapon on you. Go to the third floor now, and accept the frisk. At the top of the stairs, find the door to the attic. Follow the attic to find a crowbar in one of the windows, then climb out a window and get on top of the light rig. Wait for Novikov to show up and start walking down the runway at the end of the show. Use the crowbar on the winch to drop the rig and kill him, unlock this.


Silent Assassin, Suit Only – Paris Showstopper Guide

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