New preview build for the Xbox One is now available – Feedback Notifications

A new update has been rolled out on the Xbox One for those who are members of the Preview Program.

An important issue in party chat has been addressed as well as the fixes for graphics and DirectX.

Most notably though is the addition of feedback notifications which will appear periodically during your Xbox One experience requesting feedback on various services. When actioning these notifications an app will open where you can rate your experience on said service, or you can choose to come back at a later date and complete the feedback request then.

Ultimately this will give Microsoft a better idea of exactly what services we are using and how we rate our engagement with them. This feedback can then be used to improve these services which in turn will improve your overall experience. So when you start receiving your notifications I recommend you take a second to provide feedback that will potentially benefit you in the future.


OS version released: th2_xb_rel_1603.160311-1900

Available: 6:00PM PST 3/14 (1:00AM GMT 15/3)


  • Party Chat

Fixed an issue which caused navigating the party menu in the Guide to not correctly update the party state.

  • Graphics

Additional fixes for graphics and DirectX.

New Feature:

  • Feedback Notifications

You’ll now periodically receive notifications asking you to rate certain experiences on Xbox One. These notifications, when acted upon, will launch a new lightweight app where you can supply a rating and optionally input text to further explain your score.

Too busy to give feedback when you get the notification? No problem! Just ignore the toast and you can access it under Notifications in the Guide when you’re ready. You’ll also find a new Setting for this feature under Preferences.