Achievements Leak for Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC

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The new downloadable content expansion for Fallout 4 isn’t out until May 19th, but the achievements for Far Harbor have already been posted online. is now sporting ten achievements for the third expansion to Fallout 4, worth a total of 180 Gamerscore. Here’s a quick look at all of them.



If you can’t view the video:

The achievements indicate we’ll be doing a lot in Far Harbor. Here’s the complete list:


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement list
Fallout 4 Far Harbor Achievement List via


Based on the achievements and the new Far Harbor trailer, here’s what we know about the new DLC.

We know we’re headed to Far Harbor to track down a missing girl. Along the way we’ll run into a secret colony of synths, the Children of Atom cult, and interact with the local population. From the trailer, we know there’s a war brewing between the different factions.


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
Far From Home


The main quest for the expansion is called “Far From Home.” From the achievement picture, it’s assumed that the couple in the image is the missing girl’s parents. They appear legitimately concerned, so the nature of her disappearance is likely serious. Far Harbor itself looks like something out of a horror story, so I can’t blame them.


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
Where You Belong


For “Where You Belong,” we see Vault-Boy looking at the observatory from the Far Harbor trailer. We know this is likely where the synths are located, since we see a synth in the observatory in the trailer. But what does the name of the achievement mean? I had earlier speculated that perhaps the girl discovered she was a synth and was looking for the colony. Perhaps this is where she belongs?


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
The Way Life Should Be


“The Way Life Should Be” achievement image features the presumed synth leader in a chair and Vault-Boy pointing sternly at him. This achievement image is puzzling. In the Far Harbor trailer, we hear a synth speaking “I know peace can still be achieved.” What then is the synth’s definition of peace? and why would we be inclined to disagree? Is it some sort of cliche Rogue AI that has determined peace cannot coexist with humanity?


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
Cleansing the Land


For “Cleansing the Land,” Vault-Boy appears to be debating which of the two people to kill, which is inferred by the achievement title. The Child of Atom or the local? It’s likely we will have the option to choose which faction to push from the island, though is it possible to negotiate a true peace between the synths, Children of Atom, and the locals?


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
Close to Home


To close out the DLC’s quests, “Close to Home” likely wraps up the story. But in the image, neither of the parents seem pleased, and the girl we went searching for is conspicuously absent. Did she decide to stay at Far Harbor? 


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
The Islander’s Almanac


The rest of the achievements are related to doing things on the island. “The Islander’s Almanac” achievement is unlocked for finding all issues of the Islander’s Almanac magazine. We’re not sure what these unlock, but it would make sense they have something to do with the water, or perhaps the flora and fauna on Far Harbor. 


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list


For “Hooked,” we see Vault-Boy proudly standing near a pile of dead enemies. They’re all creatures we saw from the announcement trailer, but the mantis-shrimp creature looks definitely more shrimp-like from this image. Vault-Boy is also holding a harpoon, which is in-line with the harpoon gun we saw in the trailer. To unlock the achievement, kill 30 Far Harbor sea creatures.


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
New England Vacationer


“New England Vacationer” depicts Vault-Boy reading a map and standing next to a fishing pole, bucket, and fishing hat. Will we see fishing added to Fallout 4? Other Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls Online already have fishing, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. This achievement unlocks when the Sole Survivor discovers at least 20 Far Harbor locations.


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
Push Back the Fog


The “Push Back the Fog” achievement confirms at least three new settlements in the expansion, though there are likely a couple more. In the achievement image, Vault-Boy is working on the interesting lamps we saw in the Far Harbor trailer. They may not be lamps at all – they’re lined up like a fence, and may actually be a settlement defense, similar to an oversized bug-zapper.


fallout 4, far harbor, achievement, list
Just Add Saltwater


Lastly, the “Just Add Saltwater” achievement is unlocked by cooking one of the new Far Harbor recipes. It’s nice to see Bethesda expanding this mechanic. Cooking is one of the most useful, yet often overlooked part of Fallout 4. The image shows a new creature, lobster-like in appearance. We didn’t see such a creature in the trailer, so it’s safe to assume there are some yet-to-be-seen enemies in Far Harbor (including the Ghoul Yao-Guai).

Far Harbor is slated for release on May 19th. If you haven’t seen our analysis of the game’s trailer, check it out below.