Details for the 10th Specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are starting to be revealed

Daily and weekly contracts were announced for Black Ops 3 last week however we still don’t know exactly what these contacts will be, although it is safe to save that objectives such as win ‘x’ amount of matches, get ‘x’ number of kills with a shotgun, etc will be along the lines of what can be expected.

Once these are implemented though you will then be able to earn access to the 10th specialist in Black Ops 3 according to files found within the latest update by a dataminer on Reddit.

The identity of ‘Blackjack’ is supposedly the Black Market dealer who, for those that don’t know, is Danny Li from the campaign. You can see the comparisons below.

Many rumors are floating around about what and who ‘Blackjack’ is, with the most common theme being that his specialist power is the ability to absorb other players specialist power for a short time.

We will keep a close eye on Treyarch while we await further confirmation and update you as soon as it is received. In the meantime, you can check out the details uncovered in the patch notes here.