Fighting games aficionados rejoice ! Giveaway of Killer Instinct Season 3 Ultra Edition on June 1st

Killer Instinct has built quite a reputation for itself since its first iteration on the Super Nintendo in 1994.

Now, for the last 3 years, with its new format, Xbox One owners have had the pleasure of experiencing this fun fighting game, and if you would like to experience it for yourself, participate in our new giveaway : a free copy of Killer Instinct Season 3 Ultra Edition !

Just click on the link here and you will be eligible to win it ! If you follow on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook or on Youtube, you will get 1 entry.  Join our website and you will get 5 entries !  Act fast, because it ends June 1st.

Have fun, participate, share the news and let the fights begin !

In the meantime, here is the trailer from the new season of Killer Instinct.


Image source : here