Nuka World: What is Fallout 4's Upcoming DLC?

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With Fallout 4‘s Far Harbor expansion just days away, unannounced downloadable content (DLC) probably isn’t on many of our minds.

Yet, some users have uncovered files since the last update pointing to a new DLC. One of these files is called “DLC.NukaWorld.esm,” which follows developer Bethesda’s format for naming DLC files.



If you can’t watch the video:

But what is Nuka World? Much of the speculation surrounds the idea that Nuka World could be some sort of theme park. It’s not unprecedented, either. In Fallout New Vegas, we did actually see a roller coaster at the Bison Steve Hotel. El Diablo was one of the coolest parts of the game, and I wish Obsidian and Bethesda had made more of it.

Most theme parks have dark sides to them. People die in ride accidents, and all variety of bad things happen. This kind of stuff often gets buried under the avalanche of positive advertising and PR from the theme park itself. If you want to read some of the horrible incidents and have your idyllic image of Mickey Mouse destroyed, here’s a list of the incidents at Disneyland. And that’s only at Disneyland.

In a lot of ways, such a park totally suits the Fallout universe’s Nuka Cola brand. While trying to determine what isotope to put in the drink, all of the Nuka Cola Quantum taste testers died from organ failure and issues stemming from radiation poisoning. As a result, Nuka Cola sent standard “Nuka Condolences” Fruit and Cheese Packages to test group member’s families. That’s right, Nuka Cola apparently killed so many people, they had a “standard” condolence package.

I would expect such a theme park to be ridiculously lethal, especially after the bombs fell. There’s also a couple things we’ve seen in the Fallout 4 concept art that would seem right at home in a Nuka World theme park, one of them is the carnival-esque Nuka Cola gun. In terms of where Nuka World could be located, the real-life Six Flags over New England is located southwest of Boston. This would be opposite The Glowing Sea, and could add a whole new dimension to a post apocalyptic theme park.

What exactly we’ll be doing at Nuka World is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about one of the most interesting and depraved corporations in Fallout 4. 

Bethesda may make an official announcement during E3 next month. We’ll keep you posted on any new Fallout 4 developments.