Real Game News – Episode #2 with Bella Ryse

Welcome to another episode of Real Game News where we bring you some of the highlights that we reported on during the week.

If you are unable to view the video please see below for a written version:

Kicking things off we have the announcement that an end date has now been placed on Project Spark with the game being removed from the Microsoft stores and an expiry of August 12th for existing users.

Community Manager, Thomas Gratz says that “This was an extremely difficult decision for our team that we do not take lightly. When Project Spark transitioned away from active development last fall, many of our team members moved to other projects within Microsoft Studios. While this means there have been no layoffs at Microsoft, it also means it’s simply no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping Project Spark up and running with meaningful updates and bug fixes, so we have come to this hard decision.”

So sadly the little DYI game that had no bounds to the creations that could be made bar your own imagination, will be quietly fading from existence in the very near future.

Moving on to backwards compatibility, this week confirmation was received that multi-disk titles are being made available on the Xbox One with the first of these added earlier this week. Major Nelson states that We know fans were asking for this feature and our engineers worked hard developing a solution to enable it so we could further expand the titles included in Xbox One Backward Compatibility.”

Obviously this means we have more multi-disk titles headed to the back compat library in the near future, so stay tuned to RGM for announcements in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week we also received news that personally got me very excited as a fan of the FPS genre.

Development studio Serellan broke radio silence to announce that they are currently in negotiations with investors to bring their current title Epsilon to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Epsilon is currently available on Steam via Early Access and has been quoted as being “too pretty to be an indie title”. Go check it out and let us know what you think.

The Nintendo NX has also had some interesting information revealed this week with reports that they plan on using a NVIDIA Tegra Processor instead of the expected AMD.

According to the research conducted by TweakTown “The Nintendo NX was meant to be powered by an AMD design, but according to our sources, Nintendo is working with NVIDIA and will use a Pascal-based Tegra chip inside of their next-gen Nintendo NX console.”

The Tegra X1 processor is reportedly the most advanced mobile processor ever created. With powerful NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture, 256 GPU cores, a 64-bit CPU, unbeatable 4K video capabilities, and more power-efficient performance than its predecessor.