3D NES Emulator Released

Did you do what I did, and immediately think it meant that you could now play NES games on the 3DS? Yeah, we’re not the only ones…. it’s still a dream that’s very much alive, have no fear! However, this looks like a level of geek cool that I will never reach, but always admire.

Some clever people (possibly person) have created a tech demo of sorts, called 3DNES, in which you are given emulated games, and have the tools to bring it out of 2D, and into 3D. This works at times, and is more than ugly at others. Colourful classics such as Mario and Mega Man look reminiscent of 3D Dot Game Hero, but the darker games like Castlevania look downright awful!

It’s such an interesting idea, clearly motivated by love and passion, and I’m sure there are reams of players happy to explore it and potentially build on it, and that’s only a good thing. Retro/vintage is an entire business of its own, including in the games industry, and we have seen plenty of cash-ins of this, and why not? If people want it, then there are others who can make it happen. These types of projects expand the industry, and broaden networks, and it’s exactly what we need in an ever-growing world of technology and entertainment at one’s fingertips.

The developer was originally asking $30 for people to buy the programme, but due to criticism for the quality of some of the game play and graphics, has now made it a pay-what-you-like, which is rather admirable.

Modes include filters to make the games look more retro, as if it were being played on the 14inch black and white screen you used to have as a child, and other graphical changes to be made. It really looks as though you can breathe new life into the classic NES games everyone so loves. There are loads of improvements to be made, as technology and experience evolves, but as you can pretty much download it for free, why not give 3DNES a go?