New Details About Hideo Kojima’s New Game

Today on twitter, Kojima Productions made some pretty interesting tweets about Death Stranding, some of which were very exciting for me being a Metal Gear Solid fan.

They said this on twitter:

“Before the Tokyo Olympic games. Before the new akira.”

Now the Tokyo Olympic games is a long way off but this is still very exciting news, within the next 4 years Death Stranding should be available.

What do we know about Death Stranding so far? Well, we actually know quite alot already after only seeing one trailer. We know that the game will release at the latest by 2020, we know that the game will feature co-op but will still be avaliable to play the full game solo too. We also know that they are looking to hire an actress to play a lead heroine character. This is all we know at the moment but when a single drop of info comes in, we will have it here on Real Game Media.

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