Titanfall 2 Cinematic Single Player Trailer Released

"The bond between a Pilot and a Titan separates us from the grunts and the machines"

It might be easy to forget that Titanfall 2 is only a month away from release. With Gears 4 and Battlefield 1 both coming out in October, you would be forgiven for questioning EA’s choice to release it only a week after its behemoth World War One shooter.

But, don’t count Titanfall 2 out, not only does it offer something completely different in terms of its gameplay and style but it also offers one of the most intriguing single player campaigns coming this year.

In a newly released trailer on the Titanfall YouTube page, the cinematic trailer focuses on the “most important weapon on the battlefield, the pilot”.

It’s safe to say that this game is looking top dollar and the trailer certainly showcases some of the manouevers and the appeals of Titanfall’s gameplay; the agility, the combos and the unique abilities and weapons too. It also details elements of the single player story; following on from the events of the first Titanfall (remember that loosely existing story where at the end the planet blew up?), the game focuses on a Pilot hopeful supporting the Militia is opposing the oppressive IMC. It certainly sounds more substantial than those little video windows that popped up mid-game during the last campaign.

Personally, I can’t wait, having played an awful lot of the original Titanfall, I am really looking forward to drop in again.

Titanfall 2 drops October 28th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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