Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne “Betrayed” Trailer

Don’t you find that game trailers these days can often be far too short? Like 30 – 90 seconds after you’ve clicked play, it’s over and telling you when it’s out or whatever. Well good old BioWare – they know how to create truly cinematic game trailers, and the trailer for the latest addition to Star Wars: The Old Republic is no different, so put aside a good 6-7 minutes here and take it all in. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the trailer for Knights of the Eternal Throne – “Betrayed” Trailer.

The info that goes along side this trailer reads:

“Battle to take control and rule the galaxy in the upcoming STAR WARS: The Old Republic™ Digital Expansion – Knights of the Eternal Throne. Face powerful factions, influence the galaxy for the light or dark side of the Force™, and decide who lives and dies in your own STAR WARS story.”

This trailer looks absolutely amazing, which, to be fair all SW:TOR trailers do, with the lead lady in this trailer looking as though she’s wearing a mix of Mass Effect and Dragon Age armor and the obvious recognition of the Sith at the end of the trailer, no doubt being who caused the betrayal that the title of the trailer refers to.

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