Remedy Teases New Game

Remedy Entertainment Teases New Game Announcement on Twitter

Earlier this morning Remedy Entertainment, developers of hit games Alan Wake, Max Payne and the ambitious but flawed Quantum Break teased an upcoming new game announcement on their Twitter page.

The short video consists almost entirely of different clips of Creative Director and original Max Payne model Sam Lake, taken over the years, intercut with one another as he introduces himself and his position at Remedy.

No information about what the game to be announced is or when, other than “soon,” the announcement will take place was given out.

A new game announcement coming just months after the release of Quantum Break is quite the change for a studio that’s been known to take their time developing titles. But Remedy did signal that they are wanting to move away from longer development cycles so as to stay at the forefront of the gaming industry.

What the new game is, whether it’s the much requested sequel to Alan Wake or something else entirely, will remain, like most Remedy projects, a mystery for now.