Next week’s notable game releases (December 19-23, 2016)

Well the year is drawing to a close and Christmas is almost upon us and the big rush of big game releases for 2016 has pretty much come and gone. That doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t any last-minute stocking fillers that you could treat yourself or a loved one to from what is being released this week! So have a look and see what is due for release just before Christmas…

Lethal VR – Dec 20 (PS4)

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Dec 20 (PC, PS4, PS Vita, WiiU and Xbox One)

Don Bradman Cricket 17 – Dec 22 (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

Radiantflux: Hyperfractal – Dec 22 (WiiU)

Other Releases:

  • Dash Galactic – Dec 19 (Android)
  • Angels of Death – Dec 20 (PC)
  • Industry Giant II – Dec 20 (PS4 and Xbox One)
  • Blackjack Buddies – Dec 22 (iOS)
  • Zombie Brigade: No Brain No Pain – Dec 22 (WiiU)

Any last minute ideas for Christmas there? Maybe your Uncle Jimmy like’s a bit of Cricket? Maybe Cousin Paula wants a new VR game for her PS4? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below, the RGM Forums or on Twitter. If you like what you’ve read then feel free to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest or Reddit using the buttons available!