Start watching your favorite Netflix shows offline through the new Download feature!

If you wish that you could take Netflix wherever you want (an airplane, the mountains, the shower), then you’ll be in luck with this latest update (excluding those who want it in the shower, you’ll still need to wait for that update).

Available now, Netflix members will have the option to download episodes (and even full movies) to your phone to make them available at any point you’d like. As long as you’re current on all the updates and latest versions of the app, all Netflix users will be allowed to use this feature as much as they’d like (or at least as much as their phone or tablet will let them).

In celebration of this great news, I’m now downloading Wet Hot American Summer (an underrated classic) and I don’t intend on stopping there!

What do you think about this update? Have any potential downloads in mind for your mobile device? Let us know in the comments below!