Injustice 2 Story Trailer finally released and there are some surprise appearances!

Story Trailer

Okay, does anyone else have goosebumps? NetherRealm has been teasing some significant info regarding their latest fighting title and they’ve finally given fans that information through this story trailer. Simply put, it was well worth the wait.

That looks AWFULLY intense. It seems that poor Superman will once again be taken advantage of and forced to snap, but it seems that other supervillains are to blame (or at least take advantage of him). The trailers reveals that Brainiac, Robin, and Poison Ivy will be making an appearance, but then they close out the trailer with an intimidating shot of Darkseid. They’re making Darkseid sound like a pre-order exclusive, but just remember: any pre-order exclusive can be obtained anytime if you just buy the game new and unopened (the more you know).

The story looks to be another standout tale within a fighting game of all things (the magic of Injustice and NetherRealms storytelling prowess), so look for story mode to be an engaging experience once again.

Now WB, please make an Injustice movie. This trailer shows just how amazing one could be. It can be DC’s Civil War.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you think fighting games should have a story mode or do you think multiplayer should be the only focus? Who else do you hope to see get revealed as a fighter? Let us know in the comments below!