Something For The Weekend – The Stanley Parable

Civilization II

Good News everyone! It’s Friday, so as usual it means that it’s time for Something For The Weekend. As you know, we like to recommend games for you to play that you might not have heard of, that you might never have played, or that you remember from back in the day. After recommending the classic 90’s Turn Based Strategy, Civilization II, I thought that this week we should go for something quite different. Something that is maybe just a little bit different from other games you’ve played. That something this week is The Stanley Parable. Check out it’s launch trailer below.

For those of you that have played The Stanley Parable, you’ll know that it tends to suck you in, in the strangest of ways with the narrator breaking the 4th wall more often than Deadpool, and with the game having no story (or does it?) and with your choices varied (will you even have any choices?) The Stanley Parable will break all of your preconceived notions of what a video game is meant to be.

It’s truly a hard game to fully explain, but just know that it’s a first-person exploration game, with a high emphasis on things not happening as you’d expect, or do they? Don’t they? What? Huh?

The best way to find out about The Stanley Parable is to dive in, but perhaps you should try the demo first – it’s stand-alone from the main game instead of being a small playable section of the game, but is the perfect aperitif to the meat-feast platter of the full game.

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