Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Adding New Modes and Bug Fixes

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare received a new patch this weekend. The patch changes the featured content, in addition to quite a few bug fixes and balance tweaks. However, the update is only live on the console versions, the PC platform will get the patch on February 14. Here’s the full list of changes, originally posted on the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare subreddit.

Featured Content

• Demolition Game Mode: February 3rd-10th

• Double Key Weekend: February 3rd-6th

• Added Hardcore Sabotage Moshpit in DLC tab

• Added Sabotage TDM in DLC tab

• Kept a Sabotage Moshpit playlist in DLC tab

General Fixes

• Fix for an issue where switching from one trait to another during round based modes, the new trait would not work

• Fix for players being able to reach an out of bounds area of the map on Dominion

• Fix for the trait icon appearing incorrectly during a killcam if the player selected a new trait midlife

• Reduced kill requirement from 3 to 2 for a single shot of the Gravity Vortex for the Rig body unlock challenge

• Tracking Payload streak kills will continue to count kills after the user has died or the weapon has been put away. This fixes an issue where players were unable to have the second shot from the Gravity Vortex count towards their streak kill progress

• Phase Shift cooldown has increased from 60s to 90s

• Rewind cooldown has increased from 60s to 90s

• Overdrive cooldown has increased from 70s to 90s

• Gravity Vortex cooldown has reduced from 310s to 290s

• Reactive Armor health was reduced from 133HP to 114HP

• Reactive Armor duration has been reduced from 9s to 7s

• Active Camo duration has been reduced from 10s to 7s

• Pulsar cooldown increased from 120s to 150s

• Pulsar marked time has been reduced from 6s to 5s


• Hailstorm: Decreased fire time between bursts. Slight increase in damage range

• DMC-8: Slightly increased damage and damage range

• DCM-8 – Masochist: Lifelink Perk Updated – Large mag size. Taking damage fully regenerates mag.

• Banshee – Siren: Shockwave Perk Updated – Improved damage while sliding. Damage causes hearing loss

• EBR-800 – Osiris: Hunter Killer Perk Updated – No sniper glint. Enemies at low health are highlighted

• Kendall 44 – Cartel: Secondary perk changed to Stability

• DMR-1 – Spectacle: Reflex Perk – Built in custom Reflex Sight now has Tracking Chip and improved ADS time for all scopes

• Rack-9 – Smoothbore: 1 shot kill zone at mid-range now includes lower torso and upper arms

• Kendall 44 – Advantage: Secondary perk changed to Steady

• Mauler – Mammoth: Slower Aim Down Sights and reduced movement speed

• MacTav -45: Slight increase to recoil when firing ADS

• M1: Slightly decreased return speed when firing ADS

• Howitzer Direct Impact kills have been fixed

Zombies in Spaceland/Rave in the Redwoods

• Fix for Spaceland camos appearing instead of Rave camos when a player upgraded weapons using a PAP power-up drop

• Fixed issues with Wall Power and Super Minute Man

• Fix for the “Purify” Fortune Card not properly displaying it’s in-game effects “On activation, players and teammates are healed and cause an explosion that deals damage to nearby zombies.”

• On occasion, players would not be able to melee or crouch after using a zip line. This has been fixed

• Fix for splitscreeen players not earning keys

• Fix for Harpoon Gun kills not counting towards the “Assembly Required” Soul Challenge

• Rank progression widget is now viewable in the Pause menu

• Slasher Saw exploit fix

• Several out-of-map exploits fixed

• Hasselhoff is now selectable

• Key earn rate has been slightly increased

• Various splitscreen HUD fixes


• Fix “Previous” and “First Person” button prompts overlapping while spectating

Quite a lengthy list of changes! Hopefully this will help keep players engaged, whether they are new or have already been enjoying the game. While Call of Duty’s popularity remains strong, many veterans have somewhat fallen out with it, even those who’d have previously defended it to the death. If you’d like to read some very opinionated thoughts on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare from RGM’s former COD fanatic and Editor-in-Chief, please check here.