Castlevania is getting the Netflix treatment with R-rated animated series coming this year!

Castlevania TV show

Although it was previously just a rumor, the Castlevania show has become a reality! Netflix made the official confirmation today that’ll make many Simon Belmont fans very happy. An R-rated animated adaptation of the Castlevania series is coming THIS year! Not only that, but a second season is already scheduled for 2018!

The announcement was repeated by Adi Shankar, the primary voice that has powered the previously-unconfirmed rumors of this adaptation. He’s joined by Fred Seibert, Kevin Klonde and writer Warren Ellis who is a well-regarded comic writer.

No additional information is available yet, but we will keep you updated as this exciting development progresses!

Are you excited for this new series? Do you think the series can deliver on the “Game of Thrones level violence” that Shankar has been promising? Who do you want to play Simon? Let us know in the comments below!