Ataribox is coming and it may surprise you

Rising from the ashes or another last kick at the can?


A month ago, we had a tease of what the Ataribox might look like. Today, subscribers to the mailing list for the console received a glimpse at what is possibly its final design.

Here’s the teaser video:

What we didn’t expect are two versions: one with wood grain and a black/red version of the console.

Both designs are easily recognizable from Atari’s past. The iconic wood grain of the original Atari console and the black and red color scheme from Atari’s Jaguar console.

Ataribox will have an HDMI port, 4 USB ports, and an SD card reader. While many of us at RGM expected a console that simply played a selection of retro titles, it appears Atari will be bringing new gaming content. This makes me raise an eyebrow as we have not heard of any new titles coming from Atari or being developed for this console.

If you’d like to follow the development progress of this new console, be sure to check them out here:





What are your thoughts? Is Atari late to the party or is this another chance for them to join the console ranks again?

Update: has some information from an investor note sent in June. It appears the Ataribox will be crowdfunded. “To limit risk taking, this product will initially be launched within the framework of a crowdfunding campaign.”