Do some gamers prefer to argue rather than educate themselves?

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Rough title I know, but seriously I’d like to know, do some gamers prefer to argue rather than educate themselves?

Half of that question will be answered for me in the comments section by people who will read, or misread, the title and then go on a long rant, the other half will hopefully be answered by some engaging conversation across social media.

As a writer who shares their content across various social media outlets I never cease to be amazed at the ignorance and laziness of a fair portion of the gaming community. Noted that this only applies to those on social media, however in this day and age that is a good portion of gamers.gamers prefer

Why do we feel the need to put our two cents in on everything? Frankly, we like feeling smart. We like showing off to people that we have never met and proving that we are self-appointed subject matter experts and that the rest of the readers shouldn’t even bother opening the article but should instead engage in conversation with them.

Sound familiar? For me it’s a daily frustration that leads to a lot of poor information sharing and false perceptions being spread throughout the gaming community.

I know we all come various walks of life, cultures and educational backgrounds, but surely, if you are able to comment your words of wisdom in the comments section of an article then you are well equipped enough to actual read the content you are proclaiming to be so well versed in?

It’s a shame to see the efforts of so many writers go to waste when their content isn’t even read, and the comments section becomes a field day for who can come up with the wittiest insult of the day. We put information, ideas and opinions out there to share with you, to educate those who don’t have that information, and to engage with you about our love of video games. Take the time to read what we freely give to you and then reply. It actually makes for a more interesting conversation.


Bella Ryse