October’s Games with Gold selection brings Xbox gamers a lot of variety

Cook, drive, garrote and Victor?


Major Nelson has announced what games Xbox gamers will be getting for free as part of their Xbox Live Gold subscription in October. It’s a month of variety for sure with a lot of different type of games up for offer.

Check out the reveal video below:

Let’s look at what you get for Xbox One:

Overcooked – RRP $16.99 USD, available from 1-31 October 2018.

Victor Vran – RRP $19.99 USD, available from October 16, 2018, through till November 15, 2018.

The free Xbox 360 games announced for October are:

Stuntman: Ignition – RRP $14.99 USD, available from 1-15 October 2018.

Hitman: Blood Money – RRP $19.99 USD, available from 16-31 October 2018.

Of course, both Xbox 360 games are available to Xbox One gold subscribers too. Meaning you could achieve over $71 worth of free gamers.

What do you make of this next month’s Games with Gold offerings? Some absolute gems in there. Never heard of Victor Vran, but will certainly be giving it a go. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on the RGM Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.