Black Ops 3 is back in the Xbox Store for digital pre-order & installation

For those who had not quite gotten onto securing their pre-order of Black Ops 3 and have been attempting to do so digitally for the past week, you have been out of luck with the removal of the game by Microsoft from their digital store.

However, you are now back in luck. The Xbox store is now once again accepting digital pre-orders of the game.

The listing has removed the ‘bundle only’ option and replaced it with “Pre-order for Xbox One’ with two option available:

If you are planning on preinstalling your game make sure you have at least 45 GB free as the install will take up 44.9GB on the Xbox One.

You can either follow the links above to secure your pre-order or access it via your consoles marketplace.

*The prices above are in USD so prices may vary depending on your location.