Black Friday Sales for Xbox had an unprecedented demand and engagement online

We have just seen this year’s Black Friday sales come and go with an amazing array of huge discounts across the leading gaming platforms.

With the market becoming more ‘digitally focused’ purchasing games online is no longer a two week wait in some cases to have your game arrive via snail mail, you can get your codes on the spot and be gaming as quickly as your download speed will allow for it.

With this in mind it is certainly no surprise to hear that during the Black Friday sales Xbox had an “unprecedented demand and engagement online” although it is too early for actual sales figures to be provided.

“We’re here on Monday after Black Friday, and we’ve definitely been talking with our retail partners, and overall we’ve seen unprecedented demand and engagement online over the Black Friday weekend.”

At this point, our first day back in the office, we don’t have any specific results, but I’d say we’ve been sort of watching the fans’ reaction and lots of people sending us updates on what was sold out, and what retail stores, and which online sites, and so on.

Black Friday also really got extended beyond the U.S. We saw Black Friday take off in the UK with a lot of great offers, and a lot of our retail partners had some just fantastic deals for people that were looking to pick up an Xbox One, and hopefully with the games that we’ve launched this holiday, people felt like we were delivering great value.”Aaron Greenburg, Marketing Group General Manager

There seems to be a shift happening over the past couple of months with more and more sales stacking up on Microsoft platforms, primarily due no doubt to the massive variety of games that have been releasing almost non-stop seeing gamers create a huge backlog of games to get them through what is typically a slow first quarter of the upcoming year.

Will Xbox’s Black Friday sales numbers see them win November’s NPD as they did in October? We will let you know on December 10th.