Mahi-Mahi Resort is coming to Splatoon this Thursday

Nintendo has announced that a new stage is on the way to Splatoon this week called Mahi-Mahi Resort. Keep an eye out for the update on December 3rd at 6:00 pm PT and make sure you have some friends lined up to join you as there is a very interesting new feature added to this stage which will make for some very cool battles.

Some sneak peek images have been posted on the Splatoon Tumbler account which you can check out below.

On Thursday, 12/3, at 6:00 PM PT, the new stage, Mahi-Mahi Resort is being added. Here, the turf wars unfold on floating pads in a resort hotel pool. Ninety seconds after the start of each match, the water level decreases, revealing new platforms to stand on. What’s more, these platforms will appear in both Ranked and Regular battles. Also, I’ve gotta say, I found it weird that Inklings would have a pool at their resort when they can’t swim… Maybe the jellyfish use it?