A re-branding on the way for the Game Preview Program?

Do you know what the Game Preview Program is? Regardless of if your answer was yes or no to that questions, Xbox Director of Program Management Mike Ybarra wants to hear your feedback on the service.

Given the similarity in name to the Preview Program which is software based, it can be easy for the two to be mistaken as one and the same. This no doubt is one of the motives behind a possible re-branding for the Game Preview Program in the near future, as hinted on Twitter by Ybarra.MY

So be sure to provide your feedback to help shape the future of the Game Preview Program while you have the chance.

In other related news, members of the Game Preview Program can currently play the Gigantic Closed Beta this weekend.

To access the beta, go to the Preview Program dashboard, then select ‘Beta Games & App’. You will now be looking at the Gigantic Closed Beta. Simply click on the icon and confirm to ‘redeem’.