Assassin’s Creed Movie Ticket Pre-Order Bundle SOLD OUT

Talk about the height of anticipation. Fans of the stealth, clean-cut,adventure game have broken their wallets and are purchasing pre-order tickets (to the last one it seems) to watch the movie.


Kernel, a company popular for movie ticket pre-orders and ticket bundles, was offering a number of pre-order bundles for the movie even before the official trailer for Assassin’s Creed was seen. Most notably, the service is offering a $1,200 bundle that comes with limited edition crossbow.

Other priced pre-order bundles include:

  • $120 package with a hoodie
  • a $60 package with a toy hidden blade
  • a $50 package with a Funko Pop Vinyl Figure plus 4-6 curated collectible incluing an action figure signed by Todd McFarlane.
  • a $25 package with a shirt
  • a $15 package with temporary tattoos, a watch and script.

The surprising part is that the $50 ‘Special Edition Assassin’s Creed Kernal Crate’ has been sold out and at least 5 people have purchased the $1,200 crossbow bundle. . . WOW!!!