The long awaited title, The Last Guardian will be gracing us this upcoming Fall




At the 2016 E3, Sony set the bar by parading in a varied assortment of upcoming titles. One of the most notable releases was that of a rare gem that had been thought to have been lost to the rigors of development. The Last Guardian finally has a release date after 10 years in hiatus; the creative team at genDESIGN has set into motion a visually stunning title that will attract a massive following such as the title Shadow of the Colossus.


From what has been gathered, this title is set to be centered around a young boy who is desperate to escape a castle of sorts, and in doing such he is befriended by a large feather-covered animal that is gigantic in stature. The boy being the main protagonist in this story; is set to solve puzzles by using the assistance of his large feathered friend “Trico”,  in doing such, Trico helps the young boy reach new areas by being baited in like a real pet animal with treats and other such novelties. This game will be a title that will be able to attract hard-core gamers as well as novice and part-time gamers alike due to its superb graphics, and relatable plot and gameplay. The Last Guardian is set to be released on October 25th, 2016 exclusively for the Sony PlayStation consoles